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Our Fleet in Geneve

Executive Sedan Car

Do not worry about missing an important meeting because of road conditions, just relax in your reclining leather seat. A great choice for a business meeting or a business trip. Our guarantee is that you will not be disappointed with our fleet, we are proud that we provide top-class luxury travel.

Luxury Sedan Car

The most sophisticated sedan by Audi. The long version so when you sit back in the soft leather seats and stretch your legs you will be treated to an abundance of legroom. Relax with electronically controlled side and rear sunshades in the summer, and heated rear seats in the winter.

Luxury Minivan

The mid-size luxury sedan by BMW with great V8 engine with both natural aspiration and turbocharging. A great option for corporate travel. Our guarantee is that you will not be disappointed with our fleet, we are proud that we provide top-class luxury travel.

Economy Sedan Car

The economy sedan stands as a testament to practicality, efficiency, and affordability. Its unassuming yet stylish exterior conceals a spacious interior, providing comfort and versatility for both driver and passengers. With a focus on fuel efficiency, it navigates urban streets and highways with ease, offering a smooth and economical ride.

Geneva Events

Geneva Airports

Geneva Airport (GVA)

Located just 4 kilometers from the heart of Geneva, GVA offers convenient access to the city’s historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and picturesque lakefront. Whether you’re exploring the charming streets of Geneva, just a short distance away, or venturing to the nearby Swiss Alps for skiing or hiking adventures, Geneva Airport serves as your convenient starting point for experiencing the best of Switzerland.

Cornavin railway station

Geneva Cornavin railway station is the main railway station in Geneva, Switzerland, located in the city center. It serves as a major transportation hub, connecting Geneva with domestic and international destinations. The station offers convenient access to the city’s attractions, including its historic landmarks, cultural sites, and scenic Lake Geneva

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